Procedures to balance testosterone levels

Testosterones are naturally generated hormones which are produced from the testes glands in men, whereas it is produced in small amount from ovaries in women. It is often produced in adrenal cortex in small amounts which are the components of the endocrine system. It is important to note that the levels of Human Growth Hormones should be produced at balance levels where even high or low of its level could cause serious health relating problems. The adequate level of testosterone not only assists males with secondary sex characteristics such as deeper voice, facial hair, and typical male features; but also plays very important role in developing hormones and improving the strength of bone, muscle, and other organs. The results of variation in HGH level is directly related with mental and emotional functions encompassing mood, focus and attention. In order to identify a diagnosis of hypogonadism and individual’s competence level, intelligence quotient and emotional quotient are considered as major elements. Therefore it is very important to maintain proper balance in the HGH level where substantial variation could lead to serious side effects.

It is not necessarily important that low levels of testosterone always have adverse effect because average levels in men ranges from 300ng to 1000ng per decilitre. It is known as an androgen as the levels produced by males is generatedthrough the functions of the pituitary gland. The pituitary glands release luteinizing hormone once it receive message from the hypothalamus about the low testosterone levels. As a result luteinizing hormone instructs the testes to produce more growth hormones. As already discussed, three endocrine glands are responsible for the development and enhancement of sexual libido and energy levels. If the testosterone level in blood stream is maintained at adequate levels, it not only helps in development of bone but also in brain functioning, muscle gain, and fats distribution. It also has impact on development of genital tissues, sexual functioning, as well as sperm production. The testosterone fixes to the sex hormone binding globulin or SHBG as it flows through the blood stream. On the other hand, the free testosterone that floats in the bloodstream is not bound to such SHBG.

Let’s discuss the issued relating to a diagnosis of hypogonadism, the primary reproductive organs testicles and ovaries are known as gonads. Low level of the hormone in men is known as hypogonadism. The diagnosis includes Hormone replacement therapy and some enhancing products available over the counter. Such products are hormones boosters which help you in producing hormone in the most natural and safest way. The ingredients are normally backed by least side effects if any carelessness is shown toward the dosage. It must be noted that the levels in HGH fluctuates on the basis of age. Generally the levels remain static until they reach the age of 40 when production decreases by relatively smaller rate every year. Lower levels of testosterones should be considered by your physician as it could affect your mental, physical, and emotional wellness. Sometimes they may cause erectile dysfunctions or man’s libido.

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