Facts of what actually happen down below after child birth

“Will my vagina be ever the same again?” It’s the question that crossed every woman’s mind once in her life at least before she becomes a mother. Pregnancy and giving birth to another human being can change your body drastically. Carrying a baby in your womb for nine months can alter everything from hormone behaviour and eating habits to your foot size even. But this is all natural after all you are going to squeeze out a baby human.

With the much awaited moment of childbirth approaching, the growing belly often wonder how difficult would the labor be. Will your vagina be able to stretch that much and how it will be after delivery?  Well, all these thoughts keep hindering oneself before labor bu knowing that how things will be after childbirth will do some ease. So here are some facts that you should know about your lady part post pregnancy, let’s dig in the details.

Vagina gets wider post pregnancy:

It’s the bitter truth that every woman needs to face in her life. Your vagina becomes looser, softer and more open after childbirth. This is all human and natural as a result of all the stretching during labor which most of the times also causes urine incontinence and pain during sexual intimacy. It’s a fact that vagina never get back to its pre-birth state but all bruising and swelling will settle down after some days.

One can always speed up this recovery phase of your vagina by following some expert tips such as regularly doing some pelvic floor exercising or using a gel to tighten your vagina. Kegel exercising is one of the most recommended pelvic floor exercising that is also very easy to do and feels like as if you are urinating and then suddenly tries to stop it.

Vagina get dry post pregnancy:

This is another general thing that comes as a consequences of childbirth. It is completely natural that your vagina gets drier than usual after giving birth. At the time when you are pregnant your estrogen level is enhanced and it drops down after childbirth and keeps on decreasing further due to breastfeeding and multiple reasons. A dry vagina also cause discomfort in sexual interaction. The estrogen is leveled up when the breastfeeding phase is over and your menstrual cycles are regular.

Well, there are many ways to deal with this dryness of vagina. One should use readily available lubricants during sexual intimacies and can consult your gynecologist for more options.

Tips for sex post pregnancy!

Sex just after pregnancy can be a bit challenging but following tips can help you a lot:

  • Start with cuddling and foreplay before you move onto intercourse.
  • Make use of lubricants to get rid of dryness and soreness of vagina.
  • Don’t stick to one and try different position to find out the most comfortable one.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and drink a lot of fluid to keep yourself fresh and energetic.
  • Indulge yourself into kegel exercising for the purpose of vagina tightening.

So these are a few changes that a woman feel after childbirth but don’t panic these are all natural and will usually get back to their normal state within few weeks. After all, giving birth is not that easy.

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